The Best Petrol Saving Remedies

Saving on gasoline is among the key goals for many UK drivers.

That’s not surprising; when you look at the price at the pump, many of us have been feeling the pinch. Some estimates say the average family is spending £40 more per month on the forecourt than we did a year ago.

That’s got to hurt. So whether or not we can control global oil prices and lobby our leaders for action on fuel isn’t important right now. What’s key is to tackle our own fuel usage first.

Keeping your usage down

No matter whether you are driving used cars in Scotland, placing you nearer to the old North Sea oilfields or in the very heart of London, saving fuel should be at the top of your list.

At Hertz Rent2Buy, we are keen to offer advice. For a start, it makes sense to consider which elements of your motoring are truly necessary.

Does every journey you make really need to happen? How many of those journeys might be possible on foot? Could car sharing be an option to help everyone get ahead?

Of course, another key option is quality maintenance. If your car is guzzling fuel, it is likely due to some missed maintenance requirements. High oil usage means the car isn’t running at its peak performance, and that means that fuel economy is going to be affected.

Fuel prices are unlikely to affect car sales in the UK as a whole, but they absolutely should impact your habits and how you care for your car.

Keep your air conditioning usage to a minimum; if you’re driving downhill, keep your foot off the throttle; on the motorway, try to predict speed changes in the traffic ahead and reduce the gas, rather than suddenly braking and accelerating.

All of these steps can make a real difference. And if prices at the pump are really hurting you, you could consider whether a more economic used car might be the answer.

Either way, you can control how petrol price effect you. Just think hard, and implement the changes you can manage.

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