What are the features I may not realise I need in my car?

Every used car today comes with a myriad of features, some incredible, some complex, some simple.

The car market is actually very similar to the mobile phone market. Namely, cars can do amazing things. But unless you keep up with the evolution of technology, you may well find that the features tend to frighten, rather than inspire you.

This can happen because of their complexity, or it can happen simply because you don’t realise just what your car can do.

Here’s a lowdown on a few simple things you might uncover when you buy used cars in the UK.

In-Car Technology

With every passing year, your car can do amazing new things. And most of them have to do with electronics. Have you ever encountered an active parking assistant? And we’re not talking about a simple device that beeps to let you know when you’re close to the car behind.

Some of today’s cars can actually park themselves for you. Co mpletely automatically. And others will tune into local net systems and establish where the parking spaces actually are, even if you’re the one who has to do the parking (for the moment at least).

And then there’s the satnav. You might think that everyone has one, and that everyone knows how to operate them. But in-car systems offer satnavs with added bonuses.

Along with your satnav, you will find all sorts of options for how you connect up your iPad. What can your car do to tell you about the coming weather, the traffic conditions, the nearest place where you can find your favourite types of food to eat?

Answers to all these questions are lurking within today’s motors, and they all come from technology. Car sales are now as much about selling tech as the vehicle itself.

Of course, you don’t have to follow a technical path. Hertz Rent2Buy believes everyone has the right to embrace as much, or as little technology as they choose.

That said, tech features are the way forward. They are defining the cars of tomorrow more and more.

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