Fiesta: a true success story

Launched in 1977, the Ford Fiesta is the UK’s best-selling car of all time totaling more than 4 million vehicles. And it is not only the best-selling car of the year, it has been the UK’s most popular car every month for the last seven years.

Obviously, the Ford Fiesta has been improved during these 40 years; the external changes have been accompanied by the emergence of new technologies, safety features and standards. In fact, from a very basic vehicle, we can now ordered it with connectivity points, heated seats and even rear-view cameras.
And then there is the Ford Fiesta’s affordability! It is a solid performer without being flashy which always adds cost. It ticks many boxes for a variety of different driving needs and conditions.

Many drivers will remember Fiesta’s as their first car ever; in fact, the model fits perfectly into the student or young professional market. But more and more, in an environmentally conscious world that we live in, a small car with true reliability, the fiesta suits drivers of all age ranges, needs and tastes! For example, the Fiesta can handle motorways like a breeze. This car is designed for practical motoring that can be appealing for everybody.

Happily, Hertz Rent2Buy offers hundreds of Ford Fiestas across the UK. Book your test drive today and take 5 days to find out just why the Fiesta is a UK favourite.

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