How green is your car?

The question of the enviroment is in the mind of most consumers today. Especially when we purchase a new car. But what criteria is taken into consideration when assessing if a car is truly green?

Mileage per gallon, CO2 emissions, materials used in construction… Knowing and understanding how green is your car can be a real challenge! Especially when we have seen so many manufacturers not reporting the correct emissions. Challenges aside, a vehicle is considered as environmentally-friendly when it can be recycled at 95%. It is also very important to look at the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in order to contribute less to global warming.

The world has moved towards sustainability and we can all take an additional interest, beyond caring for our planet. And that reason is cost. The greener your car, the less you are likely to spend on it. It is important to understand the green technologies allow for a sustainable build, and sustainable running costs.

But you don’t have to go down the route of buying a completely green technology car. You can buy a car which will help you reduce your emissions. First, buy a newer car as they have adopted the newer green technologies. Additionally, try to drive in the higher gears when possible to limit your fuel consumption. Then, adopt a flowing drive and anticipate the slow-down instead of sudden stops. And finally take care of you car! Basic maintenance will keep your car running smoother and using less fuel.

The green factor should always be taken into account when buying a used car. The younger the car, the more eco-friendly it will be. Hertz Rent2Buy only sells cars from 6months to 3 years old and maintains them to the manufacturers standards throughout their life on the Hertz fleet. Take a look at and find your next car!

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