Key things to check during a test drive

A test drive is the most important opportunity you have to check any cars for sale, whether used or new.

And when you buy used cars, the test drive is even more important. Here’s your chance to check the feel of the car, the quality of the drive, the power, the visibility and the ease of parking.

When you start thinking about it, the list of elements to check during a test drive is huge. That means you need to come to the test drive armed with a very clear appreciation of what the most important issues in a car are for you.

Learning about your own needs

For example, if you are concerned about power, that’s a key thing to check. However if the car is to be used for reliable runs to school, then power isn’t an issue, but brakes, safety and even something supposedly simple like functioning door locks are vital. Of course check also the gearbox, the engine, and the brakes. Look for dents, check for rust, and check the electrics work.

Is the car easy to drive, or is it a nightmare to start on hills? There is a vast amount you can do to save yourself from making a purchase you will regret. But you absolutely must take the necessary time to establish a list of elements to check off during the test drive period.

If you feel comfortable in the car and as though it could become an important part of your life, don’t ignore that innate response either. Take your time, trust yourself, and make the best decision you can.

To help you in this decision, Hertz Rent2Buy offers a unique extended test drive for up to 5 days. Traveling for a weekend, or simply want to try your future car in your daily life? Book it and take the time you need to choose the best car for you!

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