What should you do when you run out of petrol?

If there is one key tip we have to offer here at Hertz Rent2Buy, it’s this: don’t run out of petrol.

Yet plenty of us do. And this doesn’t make us evil, or stupid. Life is busy nowadays and with so much to remember and cram into a single day, sometimes the complexities simply get the better of us.

That having been said, letting your car run out of petrol is easily avoidable, and it’s also a dangerous thing to do.

What are the key ways to keep safe if the worst happens?

If you do run out of petrol, the first thing to do is try and get the car out of anywhere busy or dangerous. Don’t just stop in the middle of the road, try and coast to a safer place to pull up, and use your warning lights immediately.

Obviously, don’t jump out and start gesticulating, or get in harm’s ways on busy roads. There isn’t space to cover all the safety requirements of breakdowns, petrol included, in this piece, but you must familiarise yourself with the advice that’s out there and really take care to avoid danger.

Avoiding running out

This is by far the most important element of this blog. You don’t want to run out of petrol, ever. Plan to prevent this from happening. Know where the nearest station is.

Know whether your petrol gauge is reliable. Use the latest apps to advise where the best filling stations are and check they are up to date, and open on days like Bank Holidays, when a lot of us clock up real mileage.

Think ahead, plan stops and fill up points before you leave the house. Don’t leave anything to chance. It isn’t clever to let the tank run low before filling up and you don’t actually save or economise in any meaningful way by doing this.

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