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10 Factors You Need To Know Before Buying A Used Car

10 Factors You Need To Know Before Buying A Used Car

Posted On 28 Jul, 2013

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When you are looking to buy a used car there are many factors to take into account. The process can become quite overwhelming. Fortunately, I’ve laid out the top ten things to think about before buying a used vehicle. Read on and you’ll feel more confident in purchasing the car of your dreams.

Do your research
This cannot be stressed enough. You must make sure that you are buying a vehicle that is right for you, and, that you are getting the best possible value for your hard earned money. Look at websites such as hertzcarsales.co.uk to review used vehicles online, and make sure that before you’ve booked a test drive, you know as much as you can about the car.

Ask Questions
When you are looking at the vehicle you wish to buy, feel free to ask questions about it. Not knowing something about used vehicles isn’t a crime, but not asking should be. How are you going to know if the car is the one for you if you don’t ask?

Check the service history
Make sure that you have seen a fully documented history of the car’s service and maintenance. Accidents can weigh heavily into the overall value of a used vehicle and knowing these things will make it easier to spot any problems on a test drive.

Test drive the vehicle
Obviously, you need to know how the used vehicle handles. You need to get a grasp on how it feels, moves, and, whether you like it. Now, it can be hard to really get to grips with a car on a thirty minute test drive, but, luckily, Hertz are now offering a new, exciting scheme called Hertz Rent2Buy. With Rent2Buy you can test drive a used car for a much longer period, and really discover if it is right for you. Best of all, the price of renting the vehicle will be deducted from the original buying price, should you decide to purchase.

Carry out a vehicle check
You can get a much clearer understanding of a used car, by carrying out a thorough vehicle check report. This will help protect you from potential pitfalls, like any hidden finance that you would have to take care of.

Check the tyres
This is a must. Tyres should be evenly worn out across the tread. Uneven wearing on one side of the tyre indicates that the tracking of the vehicle is out, and that it might soon need a lot of work to sort it out.

Check the VSC Registration document
This is basically to show you who have owned the car previously, so that you have people to contact, should you have any further questions on any aspects. Don’t be afraid to ask for this, any car dealer worth their salt will be happy to give it to you.

Check the exhaust
It may sound funny but checking the smoke that comes out of a car’s exhaust can tell you a lot about it. A healthy car will emit water vapour when it is first started, and then will cease. If the used car continues to pump out smoke or vapour for ages, you need to get another look at the interior.

Check the transmission
This is a way to see how the used vehicle has previously been used. If the car is manual, the running of gears should be smooth and quick and the clutch should engage easily. A worn clutch shows that the used car hasn’t been driven properly, and is one that you should avoid.

Make sure that everything is sorted before you agree to pay. Any last minute niggles, questions or suggestions that you need to work through should be agreed and documented before you transfer any money. Basically, make sure you’re safe and not liable for anything that you don’t want and don’t deserve.

That’s it. With these ten tips explained you’re second hand car buying should be a breeze.

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