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The British Grand Prix - Silverstone, July 2016

The British Grand Prix - Silverstone, July 2016

Posted On 01 Jul, 2016

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According to Silverstone's official webpages, the drivers who race at the track call it ‘insanely fast’.

But of course, there is more than just speed to the UK's top motor racing event. It represents an entire weekend feast of passion, excitement, anticipation and sheer exhilaration.

Silverstone ranks highly among the world's most prestigious race courses. The F1 calendar has changed a fair bit recently, including newer global circuits and the predictable host of rule changes and complexities.

Yet what remains steadfast is the long lasting appeal of F1's older tracks; Spa, Silverstone, Monaco. These circuits have a pedigree and a reputation that many feel the young pretenders of F1 are yet to equal. But why does it take time for a track to build such a solid reputation?

Silverstone's long term pedigree

Part of the reason simply concerns the greats who've raced a circuit; the iconic images and memories an older race can conjure. For the F1 fan, there are elements of older race circuits which just can't be matched by their modern equivalents.

Anyone who has visited Spa, for example, will tell you that the track’s famous hill compression is literally mind blowing when you see it in the flesh. Newer circuit designers simply wouldn't dare to build in such an audacious and intense element.

With Silverstone, the top elements include Becketts, that famous sequence of corners that David Coulthard has placed on his 'dream' F1 imaginary circuit.

Every fan will have their own favourite part of the Silverstone course. So it's important to look ahead now, and check on how you will actually reach the coveted event.

All in all, most fans choose to drive to F1 events where possible, which makes a lot of sense. And from this perspective, Hertz Rent2Buy is delighted to help out.

Our top range of used cars for sale is suitable for every occasion, indeed you can drive to Silverstone for the day, but be sure to have capacity and comfort to get the kids home in the evening.

The world of used car sales might not quite offer the excitement of Silverstone and the F1 experience, but at least we can help you get there! Check in soon for more info on forthcoming races in this year’s calendar.

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