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Connectivity Trends for the Automotive Industry

Five Connectivity Trends That will Shape the Future of the Automotive Industry

Posted On 14 Nov, 2018

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We are at a point where the modern automotive technology is simply at a new level.What’s more important – it will only improve from here. In that sense, the connectivity trends are perhaps the ones that are the most important ones when it comes to car technologies. This is why we will highlight five of the most important aspects of connectivity in vehicles.

AI-controlled Information

This feature revolves not only around vital information about your car but also around multimedia and entertainment. AI-controlled information basically means that your car will have the same characteristics as your “smart phone”.

You will be able to look for destinations in real time, get information regarding the condition of your vehicle and even select and navigate a certain route. This is now a crucial feature in almost every new car model on the market.

Self-Driving vehicles

This is a top-of-the-line characteristic and car manufacturers are taking the first steps in this direction. However, a lot of time will likely pass and countless tests will be conducted before legislation finally allows the use of completely autonomous vehicles.

There is little doubt that the automotive industry aims at having such cars completely take over the market. Such an occurrence will also surely drive the price of used cars straight to the ground. Once we can legitimately purchase self-driving autos, we will be done looking for old vehicles.

Cars Connected to one Another

Similar to how smart phones work, the V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) connection will allow cars to exchange information regarding traffic, free parking spots and repairs on the road. This is an essential feature of the so called “smart cities”.

AR Support

AR stands for Augmented Reality and will allow servicemen to help you from a distance. Problems in your car can be diagnosed using digital technology without you having to take your car to a mechanic. Needless to say, getting help this way will be exceptionally convenient.

Block Chain Which Helps You Get parts

Validating parts is something wrapped in complete mystery. Now, you will be able to track the life of every part regardless of how many owners it has gone through. Furthermore, this feature will help us check the availability of most parts out there. A lot of time and effort will be saved this way.

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