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Getting your car ready for the summer holiday

Getting your car ready for the summer holiday

Posted On 10 May, 2017

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At this time of the year, it's very natural that most of our minds begin to switch to thoughts of sun, beaches and rest and relaxation.

And, as part of that, thinking about the readiness of your car is crucial. If you're holidaying in the UK, then it makes real sense to drive. Distances are easily achievable, you can travel at a pace that suits you, and stop and start as you choose.

Equally, you can drive throughout Europe, cross-channel ferries are a doddle and you could even take the car further afield.

You should be up to speed on some basics before starting though...

Is your car well maintained?

All the simple and crucial maintenance checks need to happen before you leave. Are your tyres legal? How's the performance of the brakes and clutch looking? Is the oil and washer fluid at the right level, and are all the lights in the car performing correctly?

It's essential for your own safety that you check these, but there's another key reason. For car sales in the UK, the car you've bought is going to be on these roads. But if you are going overseas, you need to check that your vehicle meets requirements in the country you are heading to.

These might be very different to those we maintain here. And it's your responsibility to know. But the message is simple; if you're driving abroad, you're the one who must check the car is safe and legal.

Closer to home

Of course, if you choose to make the most of the beauty available on these shores, then myriad holiday options are available, from Cornwall to Scotland. In fact, one of the reasons we discuss used cars in Scotland frequently is because it's such a beautiful area to drive through.

No matter whether you opt for home or abroad, the car can offer some genuine advantages and improvements to your holiday options. But you are the one who must ensure it's in tip top condition, and that you're both ready for the relaxation to come.

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