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Goodwood Festival

Goodwood Festival

Posted On 07 Jun, 2014

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Goodwood Festival of Speed is among the top global motor racing attractions. It’s not so much a single event in the manner of a Grand Prix or other race you might attend.

Rather, the Festival of Speed (FOS) tends to showcase all kinds of modern day and historic racers, in a bid to bring past glories back to light, and to shine a torch on the existing and modern day developments in the world of the automobile.

So at Goodwood you might see a 60s rally car, famous for numerous victories, rubbing shoulders with the latest hypercar. This year’s event even promises cars which are guided by lasers, time trials, auctions and many more elements to whet your tastebuds.

Goodwood is really a motor racing fan’s dream. There is such variety in the type of cars on display and the traditions they represent that hardly anyone could fail to be moved or find an area to interest them.

The theme for 2014’s Goodwood is, ‘Addicted to Winning.’ This references the numerous elite drivers that over the years have come to characterise what is meant by success, desire, passion and skill.

Unsurprisingly, names like Colin McRae, Fittipaldi or Rossi are being mentioned in these echelons, as they represent the pinnacle of the sport and what it is that makes motor cars so invigorating and inspiring.

There might seem less relevance to Goodwood from the ordinary drivers’ perspective. But actually it’s events like these which offer a showcase for the high level end of the sport, which ultimately drift down into consumer circles.

There’s little doubt that the latest gizmos, gearboxes or differentials appearing in used models on today’s markets were actually pioneered in the hypercars and sports cars that were trialling the world’s racetracks a decade or so ago.

For this very reason, there’s actually something to interest every driver at a place like Goodwood, if only through understanding that the peak of racing is also the place where true developments are made. This makes driving safer, faster, more exciting and more emotive for everyone who ever gets behind the wheel.

With all this in mind, perhaps booking some time to check out what’s taking place this year ought to be on your to do list also.

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