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Maintaining driver safety in summer

Maintaining driver safety in summer

Posted On 02 Aug, 2017

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No matter what the season, you should always be extra careful on the roads, and summer is no exception.

That said, every season of the year carries its own unique challenges, and being aware of them is a key part of mitigating potential risk.

For a start, it's essential to watch out for the heat in summer. Sitting inside a hot car isn't healthy for you, your family or the car itself. Part of the key to this is correct planning.

The majority of heating related issues are caused by traffic jams. So plan your route, use automatic updates on the state of the traffic and if necessary look for alternative diversions. The one thing you don't want is to end up sitting in direct sunlight for hours on end.

Summer smiles

Equally, choose the right sunglasses and options for visibility. Summer can be very bright, excessive glare can cause headaches and can cause you to make errors on the road, so opt for a good set of sunglasses and be sure to take regular breaks.

Road surfaces can melt and become sticky in the summertime, so be sure to keep a check on the temperatures and forecasts and be aware of which surfaces might be a potential issue.

Tyres too are important. Ensure you've selected the correct pressures for the time of year and remember that tyres can take a real battering in the heat. Drive sensibly and be aware of how tyres can be affected in the summer months.

All these issues ring true whether you are considering used cars in London, where the traffic and the heat can really ramp up, or whether you are after used cars for sale in the rest of the county.

At Hertz Rent2Buy, we want you to have the very best time possible driving. And that means you need to keep well ahead of the trends that affect driving, no matter what the time of year.

Make it your business to understand the perils and pitfalls of driving. Which will allow you to avoid them and thus have a fantastic time driving throughout our summer months.

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