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The Hertz Rent2Buy Van Guide - Mercedes Sprinter


Posted On 17 Apr, 2019

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A used Mercedes Sprinter may not have been your first thought when you decided to buy a used van. It is class topping when it comes to large vans - so, should you check out our Mercedes Sprinter vans for sale? We think so. A used Mercedes Sprinter is likely to come with a boat load of technology, there’s a diverse range of engines to pick from and even a number of drivetrain options out there.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the used Mercedes Sprinter vans.

What Hertz Rent2Buy Offers

If you are looking to buy a used van – we have currently got over 500 vehicles in stock – and yes, that does include many Mercedes Sprinter vans. Every single one of our vehicles is only 15-18 months old and still under their original manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty is often a key concern when people buy used vehicles, but we’ve got that covered.

We’ve even done away with the old-fashioned, high pressure, used car salesman and short used car test drive. When you buy a used van from us, you get up to 5 days to test drive your van. You can even take it to your trusted mechanic to give it a thorough inspection; we’re confident they’ll be pleased.

At any stage of the process we’ll be on hand to provide advice and guidance with zero pressure for you to buy.

Now you know what Hertz can do, let’s continue with our review of the Volkswagen Transporter.


When you are looking at a Mercedes Sprinter for sale you’ll surely be wondering (as any self-respecting van owner would) just how reliable it can be.

That’s a common concern and, in the Mercedes Sprinter’s case, an extremely easy worry to deal with. The Mercedes Sprinter is currently ranked as the most reliable van in the FN50 Van Reliability Survey. It’s been ranked as the most reliable van for the last 4 years too.

When you see a Volkswagen Transporter for sale you can rest assured that if it has been serviced properly and cared for, it’s likely to be a reliable workhorse for years to come.

If you’re still worried about reliability though, don’t forget that newer examples of the Mercedes Sprinter will have a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty still in play (all of ours do too).

When you see a Mercedes Sprinter for sale, you may be surprised to find that you get free roadside assistance for 30 years. This, as long as the maintenance and servicing is carried out by an official Mercedes-Benz Vans service centre. Impressive.


Whatever your job, you need a van to fit in with any of the day to day challenges you might face.

The Mercedes Sprinter comes in a huge number of configurations. There are 3 different roof heights and 4 different wheelbase lengths on offer, with different cab options like the crew cab, chassis cab or even the drop side pickup.

Mercedes have even offered up a generous range of engines starting with a 95hp 4-cylinder variant going all the way up to a 3.0 V6. What’s more, there is even a choice of drivetrain available, so you will be able to find front, rear or four-wheel drive used Sprinters for sale.


Brace yourself for the Mercedes Sprinter specifications. With their variety of roof heights and wheelbase lengths, there’s quite a few to digest.


 Max Load Length (mm)Max Load Height (mm)Max Load Volume (cu m) Short body, standard roof 2700 1650 7.5 Short body, high roof 2700 1940 8.5 Medium body, standard roof 3365 1650 9 Medium body, high roof 3365 1940 10.5 Medium body, super-high roof 3365 2140 11.5 Long body, high roof 4400 1940 14 Long body, super-high roof 4400 2140 15.5 Extra-long body, high roof 4800 1940 15.5 Extra-long body, super-high roof 4800 2140 17

The Mercedes Sprinter is capable of towing 2000kgs as standard. However, there are upgraded versions that are able to tow up to 3500kgs, if your job required so. The maximum payload weight for a standard, unfettered Sprinter is between 734-2,515kgs. The payload your van can handle will depend on a variety of factors such as drivetrain, wheelbase etc.

Owner Review

This Mercedes Sprinter review takes a look at just how good the Mercedes Sprinter might be when it comes to your day to day work.

Handling, Performance, Comfort and Technology

Make no mistake – the Mercedes Sprinter is a big vehicle and you’d expect it to be challenging to drive. But it isn’t. It’s easy to drive, full stop. Sharp steering and engines that pull easily through the gears make the Sprinter a real pleasure to drive.

It’s comfortable too, the ride quality is relatively unaffected by a full or empty payload.

Maintenance and Running Costs

Every Mercedes Sprinter will come with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for 3 years (it’s an unlimited mileage warranty). Mercedes servicing isn’t necessarily the cheapest (as you might expect) but they do offer you free roadside assistance when you service your van with them. The service intervals are also quite lengthy, coming in at 37,000 miles.

Since these vans are so well-built, this high quality can be felt throughout the van, and their fuel economy does suffer – just a little. The top line fuel economy over a combined cycle is 40.4mpg.

You wouldn’t be disappointed if you chose the Mercedes Sprinter as your workhorse, they’re powerful, reliable and built to last. If you want to read a Mercedes Sprinter expert review check out our customer reviews here.

Why Choose Us?

Hertz Rent2Buy aren’t like your typical used car sales people. We are here to provide you with sound advice, up to a 5-day test drive and offer you a huge selection of used vehicles. We’re proud of our no pressure approach.

All our vehicles are only 15-18 months old, still under their manufacturer’s warranty and have been maintained by our own engineers. Don’t just take our word for it either; during your 5-day test drive you’re free to take your van for a thorough inspection by your trusted mechanic.

If you do decide to buy the van from us there is no charge for your 5-day hire.


Your Questions – Answered

  • What does my Mercedes Benz Vans manufacturer warranty cover me for?
    Check here to see the exact items and occurrences covered by your warranty.
  • Where is my nearest Mercedes Benz Vans dealer?
    To find your nearest Mercedes Benz Vans dealer, check here for a comprehensive list.
  • How do I arrange a test drive for a used Mercedes Sprinter than I have seen on your website?
    You can either log on to our website or call our branch to find the vehicle you wish to test drive and arrange to hire it like you would a normal Hertz Hire. If you decide to purchase the van, we waive the rental fee for you.

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