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Private Plates - The Ultimate Fashion Statement

Private Plates - The Ultimate Fashion Statement

Posted On 22 May, 2015

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Personalising your number plate is a popular way to personalise your car. The key advantage is everyone can see the plate. It’s a way of expressing your personality and stepping out of the crowd into the limelight.

In practical terms, there are some limits to what you can do with personalisation. The UK Government advice site explains; ‘Personalised registration numbers can only be used on a vehicle registered (or about to be registered), taxed and used in the UK.

‘You can’t make the vehicle look newer than it actually is. For example, you can’t put an ‘07’ registration number onto a 2003 registered vehicle.’

Which numbers are available?

You can see what options are available here. Imagine your name is James, and you’re seeking some kind of personal effect based on that. Just input the number plate you imagine, and see what the results bring back.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, James 007 is unavailable. Picking a number plate that works with your partner’s initials can work.
For example, if your partner’s initials are AD, the following plates become available:


All of these options cost £250. This might sound expensive, but if you were buying a car as a present, the price isn’t too much of an extra on the money you’re spending.

The more you personalise, the more the price rises. Personalisation works best if you have a short name. For example, AA15 AMY is available at £899. R121 TOM costs £1299.

The web is bursting with private firms offering to help you find the perfect plate. One explains; ‘The system of DVLA number plates used in the UK produces combinations of numbers and letters which can bear a very striking resemblance to common names and words.

‘This along with the initials combinations that are available on number plates, means that there is a personal number plate for nearly everyone!’

That may not be totally true, as actually finding a plate that matches your name or initials can be challenging and potentially expensive. But, you can have fun searching, and you might just turn up a new combination you hadn’t imagined. Typing in your name throws up a number of results, and one might just take your fancy.

So when you look through the Rent2Buy cars, think how you might personalise your next car!

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