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The Top Apps Available For Drivers

The Top Apps Available For Drivers

Posted On 15 Feb, 2017

Today's smartphone and device enabled world continues to gain pace with every passing day.

And the world of car sales is no exception; there are a host of tools available which, in theory at least, make driving more pleasurable.

The apps of the future

There was once a time when you needed a vast satnav to help you make your way around the UK. But now, there are versions of navigation software available like Tom Tom for both IOS and Android.

Just be sure you comply with the law in terms of how you mount the device and how you use it; remember, you mustn't handle your phone while driving or allow it to distract you.

As long as you mount your iPhone safely, you can then employ apps like iCarMode, which can help you make hands free calls, check for traffic and link into your Spotify network to play music.

There are other apps like Dashdroid out there, which can predict the weather and use voice commands to activate features, which is a real plus in terms of safety.

At Hertz Rent2Buy, we believe that in car equipment, technology and apps are the future. In 2025, used cars in London might come readily equipped with a number of apps specifically suited to the capital.

After all, the great benefit of apps is how they can be specified to fit where you live, how you drive and your lifestyle.

Help with the gas

There are also apps out there which can scan for the cheapest filling stations near you. Other apps can monitor your driving and feed that information back to the car's insurer. If you drive well you might find that your premiums fall.

And of course there are apps that can help you remember where you parked your car, an especially useful feature if you travel a lot or have a very hectic driving lifestyle.

Yet more apps will alert you to speed cameras. Others can alert you to real time traffic issues and free you from the snare of roadworks.

There truly are a whole host of options. Make it your business to check them out.

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