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The Hertz Rent2Buy Van Guide - Volkswagen Transporter


Posted On 10 Apr, 2019

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A used Volkswagen Transporter may just be one of the most recognisable and cool vans around. They look sleek, have high build quality, seem to be more popular than ever before, have lots of technology that’s been lifted straight out of Volkswagen’s passenger car range and what’s more, they’ve even got daytime running LED lights.

Does that mean you should start trawling the net for Volkswagen Transporter Vans for sale? We’ll leave that up to you. But we have a feeling that, after reading our review, you’ll be doing just that!

What Hertz Rent2Buy Offers

If you are looking to buy a used van – we have currently got over 500 vehicles in stock – and yes, that does include many Volkswagen Transporter vans. Every single one of our vehicles is only 15-18 months old and still under their original manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty is often a key concern when people buy used vehicles, but we’ve got that covered.

We’ve even done away with the old-fashioned, high pressure, used car salesman and short used car test drive. When you buy a used van from us, you get up to 5 days to test drive your van. You can even take it to your trusted mechanic to give it a thorough inspection; we’re confident they’ll be pleased.

At any stage of the process we’ll be on hand to provide advice and guidance with zero pressure for you to buy.

Now you know what Hertz can do, let’s continue with our review of the Volkswagen Transporter.


Volkswagen’s passenger car range have become renowned for their reliability and durability.

Volkswagen’s commercial vehicles are no different. The Volkswagen Transporter came second in the 2014 Van Reliability Survey, missing out on the top spot to the Ford Transit.

When you see a Volkswagen Transporter for sale you can rest assured that if it has been serviced properly and cared for, it’s likely to be a reliable workhorse for years to come.

Volkswagen offer up free MOT insurance to any qualifying vans that are up to 10 years old. That means that if your van fails its MOT but has been cared for properly (following their guidelines), they’ll pay out up to £750 towards any repairs needed to get it to pass its MOT.

That should provide you with a hefty chunk of peace of mind when you see a Volkswagen Transporter for sale.


The Volkswagen Transporter might not be the biggest van, but it is certainly versatile. Coming in a choice of 3 roof heights and 2 wheelbase lengths, there’s sure to be a Transporter that will suit your needs.

There’s even a decent range of engines on offer to suit a variety of needs - starting with an 84ps diesel engine, going all the way up to 204ps in the diesel engine range. After much furore and debate about diesel engines, Volkswagen have offered up a 2.0TSI petrol engine that comes in either 150 or 204ps.

Specifications at a glance

The Volkswagen Transporter does offer some generous space within its seemingly smaller package – don’t forget that looks can be deceiving.

  SWB, Low Roof SWB, Med Roof LWB, Low Roof LWB, Med Roof LWB, High Roof
Exterior Length 4892 4892 5292 5292 5292
Exterior Height 1990 2176 1990 2176 2297
Exterior Width with Mirrors 2297 2297 2297 2297 2297
Exterior Width w/o Mirrors 1904 1904 1904 1904 1904
Wheelbase 3000 3000 3400 3400 3400
  SWB, Low Roof SWB, Med Roof LWB, Low Roof LWB, Med Roof LWB, High Roof
Load Space (mm)          
Max load length 2575 2575 2975 2975 2975
Max Load Height 1410 1635 1410 1635 1940
Max load width 1700 1700 1700 1700 1700
Width b/w Wheel Arches 1244 1244 1244 1244 1244
Max Load Volume (cu m) 5.8 6.7 6.7 7.8 9.3

The Transporter can pull along 750kgs of unbraked towage and between 1800-2500kgs on SWB models and between 2200-2500kgs for the LWB models. The weight of your payload will vary quite significantly depending on the model of Transporter you opt for, but the basic models can hold 715kgs, while at the top end of the scale, it can hold 1244kgs.

Volkswagen Transporter Expert Review: Hertz Rent2Buy’s Verdict

This Volkswagen Transporter review takes a quick look at a few key considerations that used buyers are likely to have.

Driving, Handling and Tech

The Volkswagen Transporter is the best van to drive, the most desirable to own and feels most car-like.

You’ll get plenty of safety features, a significant amount of driver comfort, multimedia infotainment systems straight out of the Volkswagen Car range, great handling and a choice of engines – that all perform well.

Most importantly, perhaps, the Volkswagen Transporter offers reliability, a good payload capacity (both weight and size) and a wide range of models to choose from.

Running Costs

The Transporter actually has shorter service intervals than many of its rivals, with services being due every 24 months or 18,000 miles. The warranty does last 100,000 miles or 3 years though. This shorter service interval could be balanced out by fuel economy of up to 50mpg dependant on your choice of engine.

If you would like to see what the experts think about the VW Transporter, check out this Volkswagen Transporter expert review over at HertzRent2Buy.

Why Choose Us?

Hertz Rent2Buy aren’t like your typical used car sales people. We are here to provide you with sound advice, up to a 5-day test drive and give you a huge selection of used vehicles. We’re proud of our no pressure approach.

All our vehicles are only 15-18 months old, still under their manufacturer’s warranty and have been maintained by our own engineers. Don’t just take our word for it either. During your 5-day test drive, you’re free to take your van for a thorough inspection by your trusted mechanic.

If you do decide to buy the van from us there is no charge for your 5-day hire.


Your Questions – Answered

  • Where can I obtain the service history for my previously owned Volkswagen?
    Don’t worry, once payment for the vehicle has been received – we’ll hand you all of the used VW Transporter’s maintenance records.
  • Where can I find technical specifications for my Volkswagen Transporter?
    For the detailed technical specifications of your used VW Transporter, click here and find your vehicle.
  • How I do ensure my air conditioning keeps working efficiently?
    Regular servicing of your air conditioning unit will ensure it is working efficiently.
  • How can I purchase an extended warranty for my VW Transporter?
    If you want extra peace of mind when your used Volkswagen Transporter van’s warranty ends, you can purchase an extended warranty directly from your local Volkswagen dealer.

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