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What Used Vehicles To Buy?

What Used Vehicles To Buy?

Posted On 10 Aug, 2018

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In case you need to buy a new automobile, but you have a specific amount of money that you can spend on it, buying a used car is the perfect decision. One of the main reasons for buying a used vehicle is the fact that after one year a new car loses 27% of its value and after three years half of it.

Choosing a used car that is in a good condition, when there are so many in a bad one, is not easy. We know that you want a car that is reliable, affordable, and with all modern safety features. You definitely don’t want one that has been damaged in an accident.

An interesting and smart decision is to pick up your car from Hertz. As you know this company deals with car rentals. However, Hertz also give you a chance to not just rent a car but actually test drive it as if it were your own. Pick up the keys from one of the many Hertz offices, just like you would during a normal car rental. Then take the car for an extended test drive – typically a 5-day one. This gives you the time to make a no-pressure decision. If you want the car, the applicable rental charges will be free for you, and if you decide not to buy, simply return the car to Hertz and pay for the test drive.

Our suggestions for properly used cars:

The group of cars listed below performed well in road test drive when they were new, and each had consistent above-average reliability for multiple years. In addition, these models offered electronic stability control—which monitors the car's traction and adjusts how power is distributed to the wheels to maintain control and prevent skidding.

The first group of cars – up to £10 000

Compact Cars:
* Toyota Matrix 2008-2010
* Vauxhall Corsa

* Mazda 6 2009-2011
* Honda Accord 2008-2009

The second group of cars – from £10,000 to £15,000

Subcompact Cars:
* Honda Fit 2013

Compact Cars:
* Kia Soul 2013-2015
* Mazda3 2013-2014
* Ford Fiesta

* Toyota Camry 2010-2013

Small SUVs:
* Honda CR-V 2008-2011
* Toyota RAV4 2008-2010

Midsized SUVs:
* Lexus RX 2008

The third group of cars – from £15,000 to £20,000

Compact Cars:
* Hyundai i10
* Vauxhall Astra
* Kia Ceed
* Audi A3
* Volvo V40

* Honda Accord 2013-2015
* Lexus ES 2011-2012
* Skoda Octavia Kia Optima

* Subaru BRZ 2014

* Toyota RAV4 2011-2013
* Toyota 4Runner 2008-2009
* Renault Captur
* Nissan Qashqai

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