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Winter Car Breakdowns - What to Avoid

Winter Car Breakdowns - What to Avoid

Posted On 08 Feb, 2017

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For most people, the thought of a winter car breakdown fills them with dread.

That’s not surprising; events like these are stressful, frightening and potentially dangerous, especially if children are involved or if you breakdown on a fast or isolated stretch of road.

With these elements in mind, it makes absolute sense to take care of the basics. These should help you minimize the chances of a breakdown.

Keep your car maintained

Many of us would be astonished at how basic the reasons for breaking down in winter can be. Running out of fuel is among the most simple of ways to break down, but it’s a sad fact that plenty of us have done it.

So; check that your car is topped up, and make sure you know where service stations are located and their exact opening times if you’re driving in an area you don’t know so well.

Oil is another obvious winter breakdown culprit. You may well use more in chilly months, so check your levels and be certain there is enough before you leave the house.

The same goes for antifreeze. This really ought to be obvious, but again for better or worse, plenty of us assume that cars for sale, whether new or used, can somehow last forever and run perfectly without due care and attention.

Another vital element of your car is the battery. At Hertz Rent2Buy, we are all too aware of how crucial the battery is, as without it your car is lifeless. Charging can be more challenging in lower temperatures and usage can be higher.

So, be certain your battery is operating well and charging correctly. Indeed, if you’re unsure on any of these elements then a trip to the garage for a winter check over could be really worthwhile.

Other advice

We haven’t the space to offer a comprehensive rundown on how to avoid winter breakdowns, but check out this article from the AA for more info. The AA receives more call outs during winter than at any other time, so they are perfectly placed to advise you.

We urge you to drive safely in winter and take that extra time to really check if your car is fit to use.

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