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Used Cars Sale in Langley Moor, North East

Hertz also sells cars. We've over 100 years rental experience, so we know finding which car suits you is the key to motoring happiness. That's why Hertz Rent2Buy offers you a great choice of cars, plus our unique 5 day test drive to help you choose.

No matter what your needs, our relaxed, personal service will discover the right car for you, without pressure, fuss or delay.

Drive away to happiness

With Hertz Rent2Buy, you simply choose your car, pick it up and take our 5 day test drive. If you love the car, buy it, and don't pay a penny for the test drive. Or just return it to us, pay for the test drive and walk away.

To choose your car, just browse our stock online, or speak with our team.

Why use Hertz Langley Moor Osborne Garage?

One of the most interesting things about cars is how quickly we take the freedom they offer for granted.

Not many years ago, the concept of travelling across a moor, especially in winter, would require some dedicated thought and planning. Not so nowadays.

This is largely down to the car. A visit to the relatives, a trip to the airport. All are examples of how the best used cars for sale really impact our life positively. But they do so in a subtle way.

We really ought to be grateful for the advantages, driving offers. Picking your next car will help you do just that.

The right car for you

For driving around town, our petrol engines are best. For high mileage businessmen, our diesels suit drivers covering over 11,000 miles annually. Car enthusiast? Pick the high revs of a performance model.

No matter what your needs, the Hertz Rent2Buy team are here to help.


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