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Used Cars Yorkshire, UK

Hertz also sells cars. We've over 100 years rental experience, so we know finding which car suits you is the key to motoring happiness. That's why Hertz Rent2Buy offers you a great choice of cars, plus our unique 5 day test drive to help you choose.

No matter what your needs, our relaxed, personal service will discover the right car for you, without pressure, fuss or delay.

Find Rent2Buy Cars for Sale in Yorkshire

Buying a vehicle through Hertz Rent2Buy® is easy, and it alleviates the typical car buying process. Start by selecting a Rent2Buy vehicle of your choice and book your 5-day test rental online. Test it for 5 days in your own conditions and we will assist you through out the purchasing process. 
Search for Hertz Rent2Buy inventory close to you.

Drive away to happiness

With Hertz Rent2Buy, you simply choose your car, pick it up and take our 5 day test drive. If you love the car, buy it, and don't pay a penny for the test drive. Or just return it to us, pay for the test drive and walk away.

To choose your car, just browse our stock online, or speak with our team.

Why use Hertz Yorkshire?

Yorkshire, 'God's Own Country,' is famous for its unspoiled Dales. The region was at the heart of the industrial revolution, and canals, steam railways and Victorian architecture still grace its landscape.

Distances between Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford and York make owning a car a necessity for businesses, or those making a daily commute. Young professionals and students in Yorkshire's urban centres will benefit from smart, snappy city runabouts.

And come the weekend, more luxurious, family cruisers will glide through the miles, making pub lunches and days out a pleasure.

The right car for you

For driving around town, our petrol engines are best. For high mileage businessmen, our diesels suit drivers covering over 11,000 miles annually. Car enthusiast? Pick the high revs of a performance  model.

No matter what your needs, the Hertz Rent2Buy team are here to help.


We have long-standing relationships with the biggest and best car manufacturers. We buy thousands of cars for our rental fleet.  These exceptional, well cared-for, guaranteed vehicles are available on Hertz Rent2Buy.

This means we can offer you nearly new vehicles from Hertz; a brand people trust. We've a great range of cars; from compact hatchbacks through family cars, to luxury, powerful models. We've even got commercial vehicles available.

Plus, if the car you want isn't available in your location, we will try to get it there from our national network.

The car you buy is going to be your companion for a few years. That is why it is important to make a measured and unhurried decision when buying used cars. And there’s no better way to find a used car than with Hertz Rent2Buy. Our model is based on connecting our customers with the car they want most. A vital aspect of this is our unique test drive that can be extended up to 5 days. We want you to try the car at your own pace, so that you can make an informed decision with no pressure. Our 5 day trial period is like getting any rental. You can browse our extensive online inventory to see the car you want or you can drive down to your nearest Hertz outlet to pick your car in person and book a test drive.

Once you’ve made your selection, you can take the car home with you. We believe this policy allows our customers to see if the car they want to purchase actually fits in with their lifestyle. You can even take the car to your local mechanic and get a second opinion! Take the car for a road trip, drive down to your local shop, drive your band to a gig, or take the kids to school—do everything you would if the car was yours. If you decide to purchase the car, you don’t even need to bring it back. In many counties, you can complete all the paperwork at home, and the car is yours to keep. If you aren’t sure about the car you’ve chosen, you can bring it back, pay for the 5-day rental, and select another used car to test drive.

The perfect car is waiting. So, book your test drive today!

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The BEST idea for peace of mind

We give you more time to test drive your car, from a name you can trust! Discover your next car with Hertz.


Used Car Locations in the Yorkshire

There are various Locations in the Yorkshire in which Hertz Rent2Buy offers used cars for sale


  • Leeds Wellington Bridge Road
  • Address : Wellington Bridge Road

  • Phone : 01132 468207

  • Monday - Friday - 8:00 - 17:00

    Saturday - 9:00 - 12:00

    Sunday - Closed

  • Truro Works - Matilda Street
  • Address : Truro Works

  • Phone : 01 143 030 445

  • Monday - Friday - 8:30 - 17:30

    Saturday - 9:00 - 12:30

    Sunday - Closed

  • Doncaster Airport
  • Address : Robin Hood International Airport

  • Phone : 0843 309 3022

  • Monday - Friday - 8:30 - 17:00

    Saturday - Sunday - Closed

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Good value cars , a week give you the chance to discover anything untoward with the car , that might prevent you from buying it.

Would recommend...


bought a FORD FIESTA

The bought car was in great condition, definitely value for money and the Hertz purchasing support group were extremely helpful in making things go smoothly.

Would recommend...


bought a FORD KUGA

The sales team were very friendly and helpfully. We are very pleased with the car, and would most definately buy from Hertz again , would be pleased to recommend to others, being able to have the car for 5 days before committing is a great idea

Would recommend...


bought a FORD FIESTA

Far easier to do than I had anticipated. The 5 day hire period (refunded if you buy the car) is long enough for you to give the car a good check over and a good long test drive over different road types. It is also long enough that if there will be more than one driver (e.g. your spouse) they can also try the car. If you decide to buy the car you just call Hertz and they sort out the documentation and you have to insure and tax it.You even get the tank of petrol for free!

Would recommend...


Represents very good value over the local Ford dealer. Website could do with a bit of work. Team are good but small. I had to check Ford data for full spec of options. Service History proof is supplied, stamping is "on Behalf of " presumably by head office who hold log books. I hired on Monday, garage check Tuesday but you need to commit to transferring the funds in time for them process on a working day so time is short. Next time id give myself the weekend to drive.

Would recommend...

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